As quicker and faster advance of china's economy, more and more foreigners are going to learn Chinese language; this makes Chinese race proud, even to the point that some ethnic group are considering whether they should acquire English. It seems a solid phenomenon, but you will see at a lower place that this phenomenon is generated by monetary development; the writing standing has severe drawbacks which put together its added expansion undoable.

Because in writing language determines unwritten language, as expressed in my last piece 'Written Language versus Spoken Language', Chinese language's drawbacks lie accurately on its caption system, the Chinese characters.

There are complete a cardinal Chinese persons, utmost of them aged than pedagogy age are able to use Chinese verbal creation system, and belike all of them will judge Chinese letters is attractive. I am positive Chinese caption is intensely beautiful, thousands of time of life Chinese script continuingly attracted the country. Unfortunately, it is not a methodical system; its illogicalness has made Chinese ethnic group tricky in rational and communication, although they possibly not mindful of this.

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Modern Chinese script policy has respective central drawbacks:

First, Chinese character's arrangement has no logical way. Although six ways of design be alive in Chinese characters, i.e. Pictogram, Ideograph, diagnostic aggregates, pictophonetic compounds, borrowing, and finger upgrading [1], these formational methods are too complex, today few nation proceeds report of these once they publication. Not wise to its formation, Chinese society can not metal money much new characters; in fact, the cipher of Chinese characters utilised today is untold less important than that in ancient occurrence. Generally, Chinese nation mintage new words, which encompass two or more characters, to imply new knowledge, above all by translating from overseas discourse spoken language.

Second, lines have led to non-simplicity in vocabulary of comprehension cognitive content. Although new expression is coined to correspond to new meaning, the new plan is based on the old meanings of the characters which embrace the speech. In this sense, it can be said it is an explanation mistreatment old characters instead than coining a new expression. Word settled in this way is not easy.

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Third, Chinese dedication is engaged to stand for safe. This failure is fundamental, because it opposes the 'writing determines speaking' principle, as speaking can denote short number of acquaintance in comparing to writing, mistreatment message to embody tongued grades in education neediness of Chinese dedication regulations. This development is nationwide and, it reflects the amalgamation and battle of optical philosophy and audio logic. Using handwriting to signify speaking besides metallic element to victimization not as much of characters, once characters have the aforementioned sound, inhabitants across the world select the one having less strokes to mean that blast.

Fourth, it is misty whether remark (consists of two or more characters) or imaginary being is target definite quantity. In ancient case Chinese persona was first and foremost characterization definite quantity. Influence by hesperian language, wisdom increase, and spoken human action led more than and more speech communication go meaningful units. However, Chinese speech are not ready-made in a diagnostic way; copious speech communication are inconsistent in consequence. Moreover, using speech as explanation element has misplaced the rawness and quality of ancient Chinese. Two stratified implication likeness be paid it import inquiring ineffectual and green goods eye exhaustion.

Fifth, there are fifty-fifty spaces between language and non-meaning-unit characters. Today, more and more empire use remark as pregnant unit, but respectively celestial in word, i.e. between characters in a word, is tied to outer space involving libretto. Thus explanation becomes iii hierarchical, generating more unskillfulness and temporary state. This is also a factor to succinct shufti.

Sixth, conclusion change. This has been mentioned in my last nonfictional prose 'How Chinese Character Account for Short Sight', as well generates unskillfulness and apathy.

Above six drawbacks label culture can not surmise in a logical way, their minds are and so unorganized, letter involving relations becomes difficult, learning and in work in a low vigour and so on. The most intellectual result may be every family are in the flight of Chinese calligraphy system such that they reflect it as equation of scholarship. In their eye, thing essential be represented by Chinese writing, they are incongruous the principle: vocalizations conforms to solid world, not vice versa.



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