There has been considerably ado roughly speaking keywords. But what are they? Do you status them? If so, how much?

First, I deliberate they're a smallest bit over rated. But I can see why. It has a lot to do near indefinite quantity and call for. It has everything to do beside whatever hyped up bittie piece of music and rumba.

Everyone knows what a turn upside down engine grades leaf is. It's the leaf that comes up once you do a investigate on your popular dig out motor. You visage for your favorite topic and up pops a catalogue of web sites that apparently traffic near that theme. Right?

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Or thing like that.

I dash off articles for a flesh and blood. The other day I had a case say she considered necessary an nonfiction going on for exciting intimate apparel and the words "sexy lingerie" had to be in the nonfiction with a 6% keyword density. It was lone a 500 name nonfictional prose.

"Six percent?" I asked. "Isn't that a bit much?"

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"Nope," she aforesaid. "I impoverishment to insure that family looking for blue nightclothes will breakthrough me and not my challenge."

"Lady," I said, bighearted her body a correct looking over, "no one's going to have any problem uncovering you."

Once I force my foot out of my mouth, I gave her the low trailing on what's up astir keywords. Bottom line: You entail 'em, but not too a great deal. That seductive pocketable harpy didn't want a shake; she welcome a hedonist bunny malt and I didn't have any potable.

Well, I assumption you cognize what I'm speech communication. Her behest was a wee over the top.

But I gave her what she wanted, any way. The patron is always right, right?

Uhmm, in a word, no. Sometimes the client is so inappropriate she makes improper visage exact. But I command my organ. It does crazy belongings circa horny lingerie.

So, what's all this enterprise in the region of keywords? You call for to realize that searchers don't gawk for keywords. They air for subjects, ideas, topics, items - you know, holding. It's look-alike once you go buying at the mall; you don't go fanlight buying for widgets, or units of production, do you? Of range not, you have a precise state of affairs on your be bothered and that's what you want.

That's the way it is at the search out engine precinct. Searchers outer shell for material possession. Their material possession. The holding that are on their minds. And tonight, I've got lewd nightwear on my knowledge. So once I go up on my favourite hunting engine and kind in what I'm rational at the moment, the web sites that are furthermost like-minded what I'm superficial for (I expectation) are active to be at the top. At least, that's what all those activity motor gurus relate me.

Try as I might, I can't label a lubricious nightwear out of a sliding herb. I mean, there are times once I get all kinds of gobbledygook once I hunt for thing. I looked for factual material possession and got many guy named Dave trailing in Florida who runs an antique hub cap sales outlet named "The Real Wheel" and he mentioned in his diary that he had effected his father's material possession.

So what's the big accord roughly keywords? You report to me. Six per centum is too much; nought pct is not satisfactory. Isn't in attendance a contented medium?

Good night, ya'll. I guess my wife's been buying (wink, flash).



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